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iSCSI server

tgtd configuration

Example configuration in ''/etc/tgt/conf.d/nas02.conf''.

`<target iqn.2017-18.local.mydomain:nas02.target1>`                      
 # Allow connections from:                                            

 `<backing-store /dev/zvol/pool1/vm-db01-disk1>`                        
    write-cache on                                                      
    lun 1                                                               

Add new LUNs in there and restart tgtd service.

$ sudo systemctl restart tgtd

iSCSI client

If you're not using chap auth then it's very simple.

Login to a target

$ sudo iscsiadm --mode node --targetname iqn.2017-18.local.mydomain:nas02.target1 --portal,1 --login

Show iscsi session

$ sudo iscsiadm -m session -P 3

Re-discover new LUNs on a session

$ sudo iscsiadm -m session --sid=4 --rescan

Logout of all iSCSI targets

$ sudo iscsiadm -m node -u

Some tgt-admin commands

$ sudo tgt-admin --dump
$ sudo tgt-admin --update ALL

Last update: August 31, 2021