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Building GnuCash on Fedora

This is how I last built GnuCash 3.2 from source on Fedora 27.


$ sudo dnf install cmake ninja-build webkitgtk4-devel guile-devel guile \
aqbanking-devel gwenhywfar-gui-gtk2-devel gwenhywfar-devel ktoblzcheck ktoblzcheck-devel \
libofx-devel libofx boost boost-devel libdbi libdbi-devel libsecret libsecret-devel

Note: You can't build GnuCash 3.2 on Fedora 27 because it depends on gwenhywfar-gui-gtk3 which appears in Fedora 28. To be continued...


I want a local install and I always download source into ''~/src'' so here are my cmake arguments.

$ cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$HOME/.local -G Ninja ~/src/gnucash-3.2

Last update: October 2, 2021